Organic “Glowing & Flowing” by Allegro Tea

The first cleansing tea I’d like to discuss this week is “Glowing & Flowing” by Allegro. Before we get started, lets take a look at part of the description on the box:

Our Glowing & Flowing tea is like spring cleaning for your body. Organic green tea, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, echinacea and astragalus roots, blended with natural sweet lemon and a touch of maple… Enjoy a cup and see if you don’t just start feeling neat as a pin, from tip to toe.

While I can’t say that this tea makes me feel instantly squeaky clean, I do enjoy a cup in the morning. The lemon and maple flavours are definitely subtle, I usually notice them at the end of a sip, after I’ve brewed a strong cup. As for the other ingredients, what are they supposed to do?

Nettle leaf, from what I’ve read so far, appears to be a ‘super-herb.’ It’s in almost every detox and cleanse tea I’ve ever tried. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and, of course, a diuretic (hence the “Flowing”). Dandelion can act as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic but is also traditionally used to treat digestive disorders and liver problems.

You may recognize the ingredient echinacea from your cold medicine. This is because, in traditional medicine, echinacea is believed to help ward off infection. Astragalus root may be a new one for you, it was for me. This herb is used in traditional Chinese medicine but is also used in western herbal medicine to enhance metabolic function and digestion.

It should be noted at this point that cleansing teas are an acquired taste. I find that one of the challenges of blending a good cleanse or detox tea is creating a smooth taste that incorporates (and often masks) the more powerful and bitter flavours of dandelion and nettle. I believe that this tea was successful in that. However, as previously discussed, the write-up for this particular tea implies results, with just one cup. This type of tea is one of many colourful, appealing teas by Allegro. Just look at that packaging and naming: Everyday Amazing, Feel Flawless, Feel like Zeus… It’s important to remember that these ideas are still being sold to you. Whether or not you want to invest in a cleanse tea or two is up to you. I’m of the opinion that results don’t just come in a cup of tea, but they may start with one.


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